Rxjs:- Interval,Timer


We are creating a “Interval” Rxjs Operator for the time specify 1 second that return the value 1,2,3,4… etc, This is call as simply as a method

const interval$ = interval(1000);
interval.subscribe((val)=> {
console.log(“interval val: ” val)
// return 1,2,3,4,5……

Timer:- takes two arguments
1- First take initial delay before start
2-Second time interval

const timer$ = timer(3000,1000)
timer.subscribe((val)=> {
console.log(“timer ” val)

fromEvent() method
Click event using Rxjs method “fromEvent, it will take two arguments
1-Source of the click
2- event you are subscribing
const click$ =(document,”click”);
click$.subscribe((e)=> (console.log(e)



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